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The SEAM Tarot Edition 2


The SEAMS Tarot, or the Southeast Asian Myths & Stories Tarot, is a collaborative tarot deck project featuring art by Southeast Asian artists from 11 countries. This deck is also included Bagua oracle deck in the same box which made it interesting set of 120 cards. Each card of tarot is drawn from myth and stories of ASEAN beliefs. It is very rich cultural and ancient wisdom. Each artwork is stunning.

Author: Rowen Ong
90 Gilded Card from 11 ASEAN artists + A Set of 30 Bagua Oracle
300 Gram OPP coating
Gold / Green


Quen Tarot is the recipient of the highly esteemed Best Tarot of the Year 2022 International Cartomancy Award. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone as it proudly honors the first Asian artist to receive this prestigious accolade.
An enchanting oracle deck that pays homage to the woman revolution era. Celebrated as one of the best sellers at UK Tarot Conference 2022, this deck is specifically designed to empower and inspire today’s women.
An oracle deck featuring captivating abstract art by VITTIP. Overcoming autism and color blindness, VITTIP”S artwork inspires you to find magic in everyday moments and embrace positive thinking.
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